Let's just say I've had enough of the city and look forward to reconnecting with my roots. I am a country girl who moved to the city 35 years ago to attend university, met Ras a few years later and decided to stay.

Now, after spending 24 years together in the city with its ever increasing lunacy, we both look to the country for our sanity...although many question our sanity at the moment!

Presently, we are in the design construction stage of building a passive house with the option of net metering. We are also pursuing Passive House certification. The goal is to build this home, with a late-in-2013 sometime-in-2014 2015 completion target, on the 4.5 acres of waterfront property we recently acquired in Eastern Ontario, now affectionately known as Turtle Falls.

                                               Mimi & Ras too!

Sept 4/16 Edit: The building is finally complete and we are loving living in this passive house. We are close to family. Friends from the city are willing to travel the 4 hours to come visit us. Life is good here at Turtle Falls.

Last revision: September 4, 2016