Friday, 21 October 2011

Ten fingers, nine fingernails

                         The following scene may be disturbing to some.
                         Viewer discretion is advised.


Many have been asking about my rock-wall-building, blackened fingernails and how they are healing. Well, there's no better way to describe this than in a photo.

 A good friend once told me, "Fingernails are jewels, not tools."  These nails...definitely not jewels!

Sorry...hope I didn't gross anybody out too badly. It actually feels better like this though. There was always the fear that I would catch the nail on something and rip it right off...oh wait...that actually did happen! But like I said, much better now. Click here for a reminder of how these fingers got this way.

So, how long do you think this will take to completely grow out? My guess...6 months.

Counting the days to ten fingernails,

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Nancy said...

OMG -yes Jewels, not tools!
You can't even put nail polish on that to make it look better.
Best guess, when you return from Sayulita it may have grown out.
All in the name of energy efficiency - the Earth thanks you Marilynnnn.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!