Thursday, 3 May 2012

This is for real

May 2. We are closing in on one full year since we first wandered through the trilliums at what we now affectionately call Turtle Falls. That Mother's Day in 2011 was a pretty big day. It set in motion a series of events that has changed our lives immensely.

Today was also a pretty big day. The architect, Chris from Vert Design Inc, made his first site visit to the lot. And at the very same time, our house in the city hit the real estate MLS services from Hamilton to Toronto.

Until today, I don't think the reality of the situation had yet sunk in to either of our brains. But nothing says this is for real like signing your name to the bottom of an architect's contract while fielding calls from the real estate agent advising of times of showings for the house.

This is for real. This isn't just a dream anymore. This is exciting. This is scary. But it's all good.

Ras and Chris discuss possible locations for the house
We are looking forward to building a fantastic passive solar house on this crazy-beautiful trillium covered lot. And Chris has agreed to hold our hands through the process. He's brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for the project as much as we are and has made us look at the lot in ways we never had before. He left us this afternoon with some homework, a rather lengthy questionnaire, to complete and many thoughts to mull over. He also left with a few hundred photos that he needs to mull over.

Backtracking a little...this was such an overwhelming day that the small steps we made last week at Priscilla have been relegated to the end of the story. Although, Ras was so excited about the new fridge I'm sure she does not consider this a small step at all, especially since I would hear, repeatedly, the phrase "I love my new fridge" emanating loudly from Priscilla. This little project went surprisingly easy considering I had to take a handsaw to the cabinet face to make the opening a tad larger. And if I can get a smile like the one below every time I take a saw to something then my life is good!

Instructions: Remove smidgen of wood. Insert fridge. Happiness ensues!.

More later,


Anonymous said...

you both look terrifiic as usual we are exciited aabout you coming and looking at our new addition
Love Chuck and marcel

ps Is the fridge ffull of beer

Birdie said...

Murph and Ras;
Everything is indeed very good, exciting, scary, wonderful, and best of all, close to me!!!!