Tuesday, 17 July 2012

50 at Turtle Falls...and Architectural Outhouse Digest - final draft

I'm thinking this little scene should become our logo. Thanks to
Uncle Cliffy and Aunt Bert for the fantastic engraved rock.
And thanks to Nancy and Rita for the sleepy Gnome.
The 2 pieces compliment each other perfectly.

It has taken us one full year to get Turtle Falls to a place where we can comfortably have visitors. Last year, the first event that we held was our possession date party rolled into the nephew's 12th birthday party. There were no amenities at all. The dock would barely hold 4 people and I worried that it, and any people on it, may end up in the lake. There was no way to get into the water without shredding your feet on the zebra mussels other than by the precariously dangerous 2x10 plank we had quickly fashioned for the day. We barbecued on a 12 inch boat bbq. And you did your business in the woods.

A lot has changed in the year. This past weekend, several firsts were celebrated at Turtle Falls. We finally had more than one overnight visitor at one time with no disastrous leaks in Priscilla (oh wait...there was another Priscilla freshwater holding tank leak but it was easily fixed with Mighty Putty...every good trailer park girl or boy should have a stash of this stuff!), we put the outhouse to the ultimate test with 16 revellers, we had my sister's new boat parked at our dock and got to experience the fun of being flung off a tube being dragged around the lake by said boat, and I turned 50. What a great 50th birthday party to be surrounded by family and friends and the beauty of Turtle Falls...and cake too!

The lake is littered with bodies. The boat looks good there though, dontcha think?

Hang on bro. Although...it's much more fun when you wipe out!

The nephews approved of this 50 year old's birthday party.
July birthdays are the best. Thanks sister for bringing your boat and water toys!

Like I said...it's much more fun when you wipe out. Excellent belly skid, Raefy!
Camp Turtle Falls. This is where 4 of the overnight guests slept
while 2 more humans and 2 dogs stayed in Priscilla.

Although the wildlife was very noisy, everyone did finally get some sleep
and survived their first night at Turtle Falls just fine.
Mom will not be happy I included this picture.
Apparently, humidity is not the friend of the average cake box.
 Be warned...large cake box lids sag in the humidity...right into the icing!

I was only able to extinguish 49 candles with my first attempt.
Does that mean my wish won't come true?
Doesn't matter anyway...my biggest wish ever has already come true!
And now for the final draft of the Architectural Outhouse Digest.

The outhouse with its very subdued stain colours and finishing touches.
Ras says it's so joyful that it just makes you want to use it.

Interior complete with magazines and Sudoku books for those who like
 to linger and a few homey decorative items.

Recently heard from one pleasantly surprised outhouse user:
"That's the cleanest outhouse I have ever been in!"

Another clue this outhouse is more enjoyable to use than many others:
One friend who always needs someone to accompany them to an
 ordinary outhouse with the purpose of standing guard against the
dreaded creepy crawlers that usually reside within...success!!
Said friend needed no one to stand guard all weekend.

Life is good now at Turtle Falls! It's almost so good the thought of building the house seems unnecessary at the moment.

Who has more fun than 50 year olds?
Cheers, Mimi

Next post: I wake up from my Sleepy-Gnome dream-state and wonder What was I thinking when I wrote "building the house seems unnecessary at the moment"?

p.s. Thanks sister and sister-in-law for your photos of the big day. They're fantastic!


Anonymous said...

On you 50 really does look Nifty!!
Hugs Sharon & Chris

Anonymous said...

Happy 50th from your favourite cousin.
Looks like you had a great one.