Friday, 20 December 2013

Famous last words

Here's to hoping there are no more 4 month delays!

That was the last line I wrote in my previous post. Famous last words!

One should never think or write such ridiculous words at the end of November in this part of the country. What was I thinking? Mother Nature has a way of getting the last word in...always. Here's what the building site looks like now...

Whiteness as far as the eye can see!

...and it's snowing again as I write this!

The foot-deep blanket of snow looks lovely and I'm sure when the house is finally built I won't be so disappointed by its presence. Really, it is a gorgeous wintry scene here at Turtle Falls and that's all it will be now until spring...or at least a time when temperatures are conducive to pouring concrete. Along with the snow came the frigid temperatures, so we decided to close the site down until the thermometer and the concrete can play nicely together again.

So...until there is something else to report, and who knows when that will be, here are some fun photos, from prior to the snow, of the plumber making tracks in the foam for the plumbing bits that need to be below the concrete.

Cutting trenches in the foam with the trusty chainsaw.
Clearing trenches with the trusty hammer.
Setting the pipes with expanding foam.

Maybe I shouldn't push my luck with the hoping, but here's hoping you all have a wonderful time with family and friends during this Christmas holiday.

More later...much, much later,

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