Friday, 19 August 2011

The power of family

My family couldn't be happier that we have bought this property. My mom is just glad to have me home again. This experience has reminded me of the power of family big time. The overwhelming love and support from my immediate family has been staggering. Help is always available at a moments notice, loans of water tanks and generators, the gifting of dock chairs and internet equipment. Ras is an only child so she is loving all the crazy family dynamic she has created by insisting we look for property close to my family. The bonus we never anticipated is the front of the line service it seems we get because everyone in the county knows and loves my mom. My mom treats everyone like family and therefore she is part of their families as well. There's nothing like the support a small community offers. It's sure different than the relative anonymity we've lived with for the last 3 decades in the city.

At breakfast the next morning after an impromptu family gathering, Ras was reliving the fun we had with everyone in the water, seeing the unattended leftover spaghetti spread all over the tablecloth by raccoons, enjoying s'mores around the campfire. Her eyes welled up and she said, "This is exactly what I was envisioning this place to be...a place for family to gather and enjoy the beauty of nature and each other."

Dreams do come true. How cool is that?


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