Thursday, 18 August 2011

There is no Ras in Procrastination

You know how they say opposites attract? That couldn't be more true for me and Ras. She wastes no time jumping into a project. I prefer to ponder things for a while before making the leap. We were only back in the city for a day before Ras was on the phone to her cousin John, asking where we might get a good deal on a used camper and what his recommendation would be. John is the goto guy when you want to find anything at a good price. He steered her toward building the garage first but if that was not feasible then a hard-sided camper would be his next choice. Before you could blink, low and behold, we were the proud owners of a 1989 32 foot, 5th wheel trailer. Oh, she went through the motions of making me believe I had something to say about it by dragging me off to the RV place and getting my opinion but I knew I had no choice but to say yes to welcoming "Priscilla" into our lives. Ras named the trailer Priscilla because it reminded her, with all its interior pinkness, of the bus the guys bought in the movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. We had no plans to traverse the country in our Priscilla but to park it on the lot so we could enjoy the beauty of the woods and the lake while we decide what we want to build and learn more about the renewable energy sources we will use.

Really, for about $110/ft, who could resist? Truck not included.

So now we own a trailer but not yet a lot. It's June 9th and possession of the lot takes place on the 17th of June. This little trend of going about things backwards is a recurring theme you may notice as this journey continues. As you might imagine, being the ponderer/procrastinator I've eluded to being, this is not quite as much fun for me as it is for Ras. I did get my way of not having the trailer delivered to the lot until we actually held the deed in our hands. But if Ras had her way Priscilla would have been sitting on the lot bright and early on the 10th of June. Why do opposites attract so strongly?

The summer solstice arrives and so does Priscilla, although she is a few bits and pieces lighter as plastic covers and miscellaneous items flew off during her 385 kilometer trip along highway 401. There was a mad rush of tree cutting, trench digging and gravel spreading only a day or two before to prepare the site. This work happened quickly because of who we know (or rather who my mom knows), that's for sure. It is proving to be a good thing that we bought in the area where I grew up and where my family still is rather than in a place like Muskoka, where we have no ties at all.

Ahhh...home sweet home. From cidiots to trailer park girls, in just over 4 weeks. All we need now is a margarita and a couple of chairs on that tiny little dock! While sitting at the water and looking at the big silver grey rock which makes up our shoreline, Ras suggests the name Silverstone. We think about going for a swim while we ponder that. Trillium Ridge or Silverstone? Hmm...



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